Monday, January 12, 2015

A new Year and a New Resolution!

Hi All...
Even though I normally don't make (or really keep) New Years Resolutions I am going to try Very hard to keep up with this blog this coming year!
Ha! I have several projects going for the coming year and hopefully I can manage to follow through and complete them one by one?
I have been sick since October with pneumonia that just won't leave my lungs. I never really ever FELT sick except for a cough but after a trip to the Urgent Care in early October for a very severe headache it revealed after several tests I actually had pneumonia. Since then I still am feeling fairly good but tire easily. No real other symptoms with the exception of my lungs holding onto the crud for all this time. I go back to my pulmonary specialist (whom I was finally referred to shortly before Christmas) again the first week in Feb. to see how things are progressing.

Well I started a couple projects this last week in my quilting area of interests! I joined in on a beginners crazy quilting class with Kathy Shaw. I am excited to begin this class and have been rounding up the needed supplies in prep for starting on it in a few days.

These are the fabrics I chose for my starting block for the class.
Watch for my progress here on my blog for progress!
Now I'm off to round up the rest of my supplies so I can decided if I need to order more! Ha!

You are have a GREAT day!
Take care,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A NEW SECOND Blog Page for ME!

Hello Everyone...
Just a real quick note to let you all know I have created a second blog ...RedoreLynn's Crafty Works.. for some of my craft hobbies that I have become interested in in the past couple of years.  (paper crafting, memory albums, beaded stick pins, etc)

You can find it at

I am still planning to keep THIS blog page up and running as well to highlight my sewing projects, quilting, and needlework as I go through the year.

I am finding that since I have been retired my interests have changed quite a bit and I WANT to try everything at least once! Ha! Doesn't everyone?

My first projects in these areas will be to work on and finish up some counted cross stitch projects I had put on the back burner while family life kept me from getting much accomplished. Things have settled down a HUGE amount for now (knock on wood) and I feel the urge to stitch! 

Please stop by my second blog too and see what I am up to there too! I really love hearing from you too so leave a comment! 
Thanks so much!

Happy spring !!! (is it really coming???) 
Keep that smile and have a great weekend too!


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